Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tool #5 and Tool #6

I created this Google site when I was a long term sub and did not have access to the normal Stratford teacher sites. I used the website often to communicate with students and parents about upcoming dates, contact information, and electronic copies of class documents. Since I have access to the campus website, I use it for the same purpose.

Some of my students asked me if they could make Prezi presentations instead of PowerPoints or videos. One student showed me what it was, I thought it was interesting, and so I allowed them to use it. My students' presentations encouraged me to make my own Prezi for this tool, and I think I'm going to include this type of presentation as an option for all future projects.

Tool #4

1/2. I shared a lesson plan with colleagues outside of my department. I thought it would be interesting to see if they could share some new ideas about how to present information that we might not normally use in foreign language.

3. Students share documents with me all the time using Google Docs/Drive. Several students needed help editing the written component of a project so they shared it with me and I highlighted or left comments for them where the material needed some work.

Tool #3

1. I found YouTube to be the most useful because it is easy to use, has a wide range of videos to choose from, and students are familiar and comfortable with the site. My students can also use YouTube to upload their own videos to share projects with me instead of creating a PowerPoint or poster.

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3. None of the copyright and fair use information was necessarily new to me. It was a good reminder of what I should tell my students when using clips or images in projects.

4. I have had a Dropbox account for a while and it's a great tool. I save almost everything in Dropbox so I don't have to take my school computer home with me, and no matter where I am, I have access to most of my files. If a student doesn't want to share a file or project with me through Google Drive, they can bring a copy on a flashdrive, then I can save it to Dropbox.