Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tool #9

 1. If the technology isn't tied to the objective, there's no point in using it. The technology would just become something that you have to deal with, rather than facilitating student learning.

2. We have to hold students accountable for the stations to make sure that they stay focused and on task. This is not an opportunity to just play with a toy, it is an opportunity to use a tool to facilitate accomplishing a task.

3. Learning games for Kids is targeted to younger students, but I think it would still be fun for high school students in beginning foreign language courses. It wasn't listed, but Study Stack has several different interactive options for studying and reviewing vocabulary. Students can be held accountable by taking a quiz after using these games for review.

4. They could use Flashcards or Brain Pop for vocabulary, or Animoto/Animation Lite as an alternative for PowerPoint presentations. They can work in groups to quiz each other, and also work in groups to create the presentation or project.

5. If a student wants to know how to say something and I can't think of the translation, students may use Google Translate (I'm not a walking dictionary). They may also use the technology for research for a cultural project, and to access Google Docs for a written project.

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